Byble is a touching parable for teens and adults. In this informative and moving story, you will learn about abortion from a totally different perspective — through the eyes of a baby in the womb. You will definitely see abortion in a whole new light and learn some heart-rending details you never knew.

From whipping boys to the Nazi Holocaust, from truth to rhetoric and lies, from abortion to euthanasia, from “choice” to coercion, from women’s rights to the worldwide extermination of “little women,” Byble reveals the many problems and heartaches associated with abortion.

Readers have commented that every teen girl and guy should be required to read Byble. Young adults, parents, grandparents, pastors, and teachers will also benefit from reading this amazing story that exposes the lies and deception and grief surrounding abortion. (144 pages)


Smaller than a grain of sand, she was quite cozy in her warm, shadowy world. Remarkable things were rapidly happening since the very instant her loving Father gave her the priceless gift of . . . life.

Although smaller than a pin prick, she was indeed alive and well. Since the moment of conception, she immediately had all the basic instructions that were needed for every detail of her new life. She had her own DNA — genetic make-up, gender, and even her own blood type, which was different from her Mama’s and Daddy’s.

Like letters of a divine alphabet, the color of her eyes, hair, and skin; her facial features and height; certain qualities of her personality and intelligence; and the fact that she was indeed a girl, were already completely spelled out. No additional information would need to be added as she began her amazing journey of life. But for this little Byble, the journey would not be a long one.

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