God is not the author of confusion, but the false teachings of false teachers has resulted in much confusion today. This book, Confusion, is a helpful reference guide for any Christian who desires a scriptural basis for answering questions about abortion, racism, the gap theory, salvation by works, eternal security, fallen angels, double inspiration, numerous plans of salvation, aliens and UFO’s, etc.

Confusion is also a biblical critique of the “new teachings” that were supposedly revealed solely to Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. Dr. Ruckman claims to have discovered over 500 new advanced revelations that no one else has ever been able to find in the Scriptures since the year 90 A.D. He also claims to be the only one who can correctly interpret these revelations. Dr. Ruckman further claims that God began teaching him these things from the moment of his own conception in the womb. A few of these new teachings are listed as follows —

  1. “Notice the destruction of the unborn is not murder, in spite of all the pro-lifers” (see pp. 5-6).
  2. “Again, we find a radical change in the ‘plan of salvation’ . . . the predominant element is WORKS” (see p. 35).
  3. “These are Old Testament saints whose righteousness is part of their salvation” (see p. 46).
  4. “The ‘plan of salvation’ under the Law is that if you quit living right and live wrong, you ‘die in your sins’” (see p. 45).
  5. “Some dispensations manifest salvation by works without faith” (see p. 20).
  6. “There are SIX ‘plans of salvation’ in the book of Acts” (see p. 55).
  7. “Your only chance of being saved AFTER the Rapture is either to starve to death . . . or to get your HEAD CUT OFF” (see p. 68).
  8. “ . . . there will be flesh-and-blood people on the earth during eternity, and they would die unless they partook of the ‘tree of life,’ which is how they get their eternal life — not by believing on Jesus Christ!” (see p. 71)
  9. Adam and Eve had a water circulatory system and no blood.  Satan appeared as a 33 year old man in the Garden of Eden who sexually seduced Eve and was the father of Cain (see pp. 182-190).
  10. Jesus was born on September 23rd and He will return on September 23rd (see p. 210).
  11. A black person’s IQ is ALWAYS lower than a white person’s (see p. 123).
  12. All women in the Church Age (from New Testament times until the Rapture) will be sex-changed into 33 year old men for all of eternity (see pp. 98, 179-180).
  13. Angels are 33 year old men who are wingless and over five feet tall and able to cohabit with women and reproduce (see pp. 174, 177, 179, 213).

In this book you will find plain and simple scriptural answers which refute a salvation by works in any dispensation. You will find plain and simple answers to complicated and confusing false teachings which are spreading throughout fundamentalism today. You will find that “rightly dividing the word of truth” is not chopping Scripture up into pieces and pulling these pieces out of context to “support” a new, advanced revelation. In the context of Second Timothy 2, verses14-18 and 23-26, the word of truth is to be rightly divided from the false teachings of false teachers. Scripture is truth. But the advanced revelations of one man that were unheard of before his time just might not be all truth.

This book will help the honest reader to see the clear and plain teachings of Scripture as compared to the new advanced revelations which were discovered and interpreted exclusively by Dr. Ruckman.


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We also offer a helpful companion book, Byble, to go along with Chapter One in the Confusion book. This chapter on abortion includes the flawed reasonings of Dr. Ruckman as to why abortion is NOT murder. Byble clearly reveals from Scripture, medical science, biology, and embryology why abortion IS murder. If you purchase the Confusion book, please consider purchasing Byble also. It’s an amazing story that exposes the lies and deception and heartache surrounding abortion. Read more or purchase Byble


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