Explore the many wonders of Heaven with a young boy who has just arrived there. Danny keeps a diary of all the beautiful places he visits, all the thrilling things he does, and all the fascinating historical and biblical people he meets in his new heavenly home. A positive, comforting, and encouraging story for both children and adults. (62 pages)


Dear Diary,
I’ve just begun the most wonderful new life. I’ve made a fantastic trip and moved to a beautiful new city. It’s different from anyplace I’ve ever been before. There’s no hatred or war here, no sickness or pain, no sorrow or death. It’s a wonderful place to live and I’m going to live here forever.

I can’t imagine now why I was so afraid to make the trip. Oh, I knew it would be a much better place to live, but for some reason, I was still a little bit afraid of all the changes. I can remember lying in my hospital bed, tired and weak and sick. Mom and Dad and Sis were all with me, crying softly. I slowly closed my eyes and took my last earthly breath. The next thing I knew, two bright and shining creatures were carrying me tenderly in their arms while speeding past the colorful planets and twinkling stars. The wind was whistling through my red hair and almost left me breathless. Off in the distance I could see a large, blinding light. It grew larger and more brilliant as we approached. Suddenly, we whisked through a pearly gate, down a golden street and past a crystal clear river. The two shining angels quickly swooped me under the heavy branches of a huge tree, and then gently placed me into the waiting arms of Jesus!

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