An inspirational Christmas fantasy about the adventures of two orphans in 1954. Tali and Nate discover the treasures of snow and the true meaning of Christmas with the help of a loving SnowMa and her ornery SnowBabies (aka Snowbies). When the “greedy-gimme-grabbit-gotta-have-it” bug starts biting the children in the orphanage, the SnowMa and Snowbies try to help by telling them The Snow Story — “A long, long time ago, God asked this question: ‘Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?’” (30 pages)


It was one minute past midnight on a cold December evening in 1954. The stars were twinkling in the deep blue blanket of sky overhead. A few large, feathery snowflakes began floating down on gentle wisps of wind to the soft, white ground below. This special December snow sparkled like diamonds in a small clearing that lay in the midst of tall straight pines and leaning white birch trees.

There were many small footprints covering the snowy forest floor. Children from a nearby orphanage had played there earlier, sledding, skating on a shallow frozen pond, and throwing soft, round snowballs at each other. Before it was time to return to the orphanage to eat a nice warm bowl of soup, the young orphans decided to make as many little snowmen as they could. They dressed them up with old scarfs, mittens, and hats. They used buttons and pieces of coal and carrots to design the little snowmen faces. They used sticks for arms and big pinecones for feet. The children agreed to call these little snowmen, Snowbies, which is short for SnowBabies. One of the youngest orphan girls, named Tali, thought it might be nice if the Snowbies had a mama of their very own. So all of the orphans eagerly and quickly worked together to make one big . . . SnowMa.

The rosy-cheeked children tied a colorful Christmas apron around the SnowMa’s plump waist and placed an evergreen wreath on her rather large head. They gave her oven mitts for hands. The orphans wanted their SnowMa to be as beautiful as the Mama they all wished for and dreamed about each night. So they picked red holly berries and arranged them to form a delightful smile on the SnowMa’s bright face. Then Nate, one of the littlest orphan boys, reached into his puffy coat pocket and pulled out two glittery sky blue star ornaments. “Eyes!” he shouted. “I borrowed them from the orphanage Christmas tree.”

Just then, a faint voice drifted through the crisp afternoon air, “Supper time!” The young orphans ran off as fast as their heavily booted feet could carry them through the deep, fluffy snow. But Tali turned back all of a sudden. She remembered that they hadn’t given the SnowMa a nose yet. She carefully removed a shiny red heart pin from her sweater and tenderly placed it on the SnowMa’s smiling face.

“Please take extra special care of your new heart pin nose,” the little girl pleaded. “That pin once belonged to my mama. Her name was Lily.” With those words, Tali hurriedly ran to catch up with the other children. Their cheerful voices echoed back to the clearing where the Snowbies and their SnowMa remained very silent and still.

That night, the children were snuggled peacefully in their warm beds, dreaming about the potbellied Snowbies and the loving SnowMa they had innocently made earlier that day. But even in their wildest dreams, they could never have imagined what was about to happen on that cold December evening.

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